About Resonant

Resonant is creating a new digital media distribution platform providing artists targeted music delivery directly to their fans. We turn sharing music into a game and give fans incentives to spread music around the world. Using an enclosed ecosystem that is highly connected to existing social networks, the Resonant platform enables artists to track, in real-time, the flow of their music as it travels around the world. A comprehensive online dashboard provides powerful insights about their fans to better plan marketing, public relations, and tour efforts. Artist releases are backed by targeted advertising based upon proprietary algorithms that blend the public’s perception of the artist, the brand being advertised, and the true interests of the fan viewing the ad. Our advertising partnerships enable an artist revenue stream that matches real album sales, while fans consume content at no charge.

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Our Team

Resonant was formed by Stephen M. Walker II and Brantley Cady bringing their unique vision for the future of the music industry to life after working in business and music for nearly a decade. They are advised by a board of leading music industry and technology professionals. Collectively they have accumulated a 100 years of experience in business management, the music industry, and technology startups.

About Stephen

Stephen M. Walker II is the co-founder and CEO of Resonant providing overall leadership and product direction with his passion for great design, products, and music. His vision and collaborative spirit is the foundation in which Resonant was built, providing solutions for artists, bands, and businesses. Prior to Resonant, Stephen founded two boutique design firms through which he has consulted as a creative director, user experience designer, and product manager for companies like 2Advanced, AT&T, Disney, Microsoft, Namco, Oberto, and Symantec leading design and product direction for business, mobile, and web applications. His first entrepreneurial endeavor was a network security consulting agency that he founded where he analyzed networks, developed security tools, a published security white papers.

About Brantley

Brantley Cady is the co-founder and Director of Artist relations at Resonant bringing a decade of experience in the music industry to the company. At Resonant, Brantley works to provide platform and product refinement filtered through the lens of the bands, producers, and labels we work with. His unique relationship with musicians provides unparalleled feedback and guidance for our platform product management. Prior to Resonant, Brantley recorded and toured with the band Motopony for 3 years, developing a nationwide fan base. Before this Brantley has toured extensively with other bands under different capacities ranging from front-of-house sound engineer to guitarist. His extensive musical background has led him to engineer, mix, and produce music ranging from blues, electronic, folk, hip hop, video game soundtracks, and rock.

Job Openings

  • VP of Business Development
  • iOS Developer
  • Ruby on Rails Developer